Bailamama, an award winning health exercise concept from Finland, developed by physiotherapists and midwifes, is launching in the UK (in partnership with FitPro). 

All fitness instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapist and other health and fitness professionals & all other fitness enthusiasts are welcome to our free master classes:

Come and experience Bailamama´s revolutionary group exercise classes for all women


2BABY – post-natal exercise classes aiding the mother’s recovery and supporting the baby’s motor development, where the mother and baby workout together

4 different fitness classes for women´s fitness journey:

Bailamama’s classes help all women in getting and staying fit through women´s every life stage. The main focus is on the women´s most important muscles group - the pelvic floor muscles. The classes uniquely combine professionally developed fitness workouts with the Squeeze Pelvic Floor Training Method, used already by thousands of women.

SQUEEZE 4VENUS – low impact pelvic floor and body conditioning classes

HEAT 4VENUS – high energy circuit based pelvic floor and body conditioning classes

9MONTHS – pre-natal exercise classes preparing the pregnant women for the childbirth



SQUEEZE 4VENUS for all women

A gentle and effective 30 min body conditioning class with exercises performed at a slower, enjoyable pace.

Starts with a warm-up, followed by muscle conditioning and finishes with stretching. 

Suitable for women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels.

Incorporates the daily recommended pelvic floor training.

HEAT 4VENUS for all women

A compact 30 min high-energy class in a circuit style and intensity.

Starts with a warm-up, followed by muscle conditioning and finishes with stretching.


A perfect workout for busy women.


Incorporates the daily recommended pelvic floor training.

2BABY for moms and babies

A gentle and effective post-natal exercise class where the mother and the baby train together!

Helps new mothers recover safely from the pregnancy and birth, combining an effective full-body workout with power training of the pelvic floor muscles. 

Exercises are designed to also support the baby’s individual motor development and to keep both the baby and the mother entertained and having fun together.

 45 min in duration 

9MONTHS for pregnant women 

A prenatal class with a difference! 9Months classes burst with fun dance moves adapted to the growing belly and body conditioning exercises with focus on those muscles that are under strain during pregnancy.

A safe and fun exercise class combining an effective full-body workout with power training of the pelvic floor muscles. 

Integrates breathing exercises and pushing position practice to the class to help the pregnant woman prepare for the labour.

 55 min in duration


Kirsty is a highly motivating and energetic person with extensive involvement in the sports and fitness industry for over the last 16 years of her life. Her first journey towards wellness ventured into many different areas of fitness including; all elements of Group Fitness Instruction, Personal Training, Pre & Post-Natal Training, Pre and Post - Rehabilitative and Posture Corrective Training and also Sports Massage. 

Kirsty is also a Master Trainer for a variety of Fitness Educators, which enables her to be a very versatile Teacher. Her love for Women’s wellness and their journeys through their lives shows in her passion to help through our Bailamama courses and classes.

The Squeeze Pelvic Floor Training Method uses 52 tested positions in which to train endurance, speed power and maximum power of the pelvic floor muscles and incorporates different breathing techniques to enhance the training.

Bailamama’s innovative pelvic floor training method is used already by thousands of women and Bailamama was awarded the “Exercise product of the Year” price in Finland in 2014 as recognition of its success as a unique and innovative exercise product for women.


Bailamama is a health and fitness concept developed by Physiotherapists, Midwives and other Health Professionals in Finland and the UK.

Bailamama uniquely combines fitness workouts with the Squeeze Method to strengthen the pelvic floor.

All programmes are available as live group exercise classes, virtual classes and home training courses.

Winner of the Exercise Product of the Year Award in Finland.

Recommended by The Federation of Finnish Midwives.

Bailamama Classes are available in Finland, Germany, Spain and the UK.


We are looking for inspiring instructors with deep interest in women´s health and fitness. Read here more!

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If you have any questions about Bailamama and our fitness programmes, please get in touch with our 

Training officer Maija Kiljunen